A pair of lesbian lovers from Hong Kong sharing their feeling, after Paris wedding photography

Recently, we have taken a series of Paris wedding photography for another pair of girls lovers.

They have unique personality. We feel so touching to feel that their delicate emotional in front of the camera Our team tried to make their dream come true during pre-wedding photography in Paris that is a sincere blessing. Wishing them happiness forever!

I am so happy that they love my services and photography.

All clients testimonials and appreciations always encourage our team go on work hard to provide the best for all of you.

Thank you so much for client testimonial and share their feeling :


We are so pleased we chose Febe to be our pre-wedding photographer. Febe was very patient and responsive since we first made contact over a year ago, answering all my queries in terms of shooting locations, style and other related matters. We only arrived to Paris a day prior to shooting, hence it was critical for us to arrange everything beforehand. With Febe’s kind assistance, we finalised all details and shooting schedule promptly upon arrival, allowing a much needed night of rest before our shooting day.

Throughout our shooting day, Febe and team made us feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera, constantly providing us with advice and tips for posing. She completely understood our requirements and captured all the emotions of the day, the surroundings and architecture perfectly, absolutely exceeding our expectations. It was a long day even for us but Febe maintained a high level of professionalism, working very hard to ensure we got the best shot each time.

Shortly after returning to Hong Kong, we received a selection of photographs from the day and are very pleased with the results. We now have such amazing photos that we will treasure forever.

Febe and team provided an excellent service and displayed professionalism from start to finish – we would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to capture memorable moments in their lives.

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