2 brides-to-be from Hong Kong

We are glad that this month has taken a series of Paris wedding photography for another pair of girls lovers.
When I saw their delicate interact communication, and sweet smiles, our team tried to make their dream come true during pre-wedding photography in Paris that is a sincere blessing. Wishing them happiness forever!

All clients testimonials and appreciations always encourage our team go on work hard to provide the best for all of you.

Thank you so much for client above testimonial.
I am so happy that they love my services and photography.


2 brides-to-be from Hong Kong :
Words are not enough to describe our happiness, satisfaction and appreciation when we first receive and also every time we see the pre-wedding pictures taken by Febe. This has been a special journey and a dream comes true for us, to travel all the way to this beautiful and romantic city of Paris for getting this once-in-a-lifetime memory recorded.

Febe has been very helpful and patience in guiding us every since the planning stage, providing us useful tips including outfits, weather, travelling, accommodations and more. She would respond swiftly to our questions and comments on email or whatsapp messages, so that we can communicate easily beyond the distance and timezone difference between our hometown and Paris. Febe is also good in understanding her client’s needs and preference. She would ask about the photo style and locations that we particularly like. We are impressed that she does a great job in being attentive to details and remembering our words and delivering it accordingly!

On the fitting day, Febe took us to the shop for choosing the wedding gown. The shop got a good variety of wedding gowns. The staff at the shop also provided professional and efficient services. After the fitting, Febe gave us a detailed briefing about time schedule and friendly reminders about the shooting day.

On the shooting day, Febe and her team worked very hard around the clock for many hours, taking care of us in many ways (including makeup and hairstyling, food and beverages, luggage and transportation). They walked all the way from one point to another, just to get the best angle for shooting. They tried to make the most out of every location, racing against the time, so as to get as many beautiful pictures for us as possible and to get the best lighting during different times of the day and night (especially the magic hour of sunset at the Eiffel Tower and also when it glowed with golden lighting at night!).

Febe is a talented photographer in capturing the romantic feeling and sweetness between the couple. She guided us and helped us to relax and warm up quickly by providing good guidance about the postures and hints for us to smile and when and where to look, to hold hands, to hug and to kiss. She and her team’s friendliness and welcoming attitude make us feel comfortable to be ourselves and to show our intimacy and affections naturally. The pictures we received as the final product tells a whole lot, like a chapter of our love story. We really love her work of photos!

A big “THANK YOU” to her and her team for their professional services! We are truly blessed to have you all in helping us throughout the pre-wedding photoshoot journey!

~ 2 brides-to-be from HK