About Us

Febe, the founder and creator of Unique couple. We believe that we are a unique group. With the professionals we have. Provide a platform for homosexual societies to express their love no matter in which country and we believe that love is no barrier, Come to Unique couple we will offer you a tailored made wedding shooting, Artistic photography and restyling.

Our team is from Hong Kong, we are now based in Paris, France. We are absolutely gay friendly and fully support LGBT clients. We provide professional services of photography, makeup, hair styling, and image styling consultanting to our LGBT clients. Our clients are all International, including Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, transsexual, lovers & couples of pre-wedding photography, couple portraitss and individual portraits and family photography, and etc.

We believe love is beautiful. We feel so incredibly lucky to be able to capture the memories, love, happiness and beauty in our photography work; in a way that leads to an intimate and artful expression. We achieve creative results capturing images of our clients unique personality. Along with the natural mood of the day, that will be cherished by their life for years to come.Our passion comes from believing that freezing the magical moments which connects the world of emotions and the audience. Looking forward to capturing your beautiful moment.

Febe Chu